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Practical techniques and ideas for classroom activities. Assumptions about learning. The role of TP on a teacher training course. Feedback on lessons. Eliciting, giving instructions and setting up activities. Students working outside the classroom.

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  • The study of the experience of giving and receiving feedback as a best practice in cooperation between the peace corps volunteer, U.S. and Ukrainian partner and effective tools of control in the classroom for deep understanding of the learning process.

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  • Blended learning as a flexible form, which helps students to seek solutions to problems and to acquire knowledge. As well as perspective step from training in the form of traditional lectures, practical lessons and seminars to interactive learning.

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  • Identification and analysis of some main characteristics of socially useful activities of students in higher education. Analysis of the using of various types of socially useful activities in the process of training teachers of foreign languages.

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  • Peculiarities of managing the technology of classroom activities. The importance of correct application of information communication technologies in teaching a foreign language and various factors which accompany that process and from which much depends.

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  • Description and explanation role play activities. The nature of role-playing games. The technique of teaching language. Learner and teacher roles. Classroom practices and behaviors. The concept of immersion in playing. Problems of accelerating learning.

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  • Analysis of the requirements for the professional activity of the teacher, methodological approaches, which must be based on the scientific substantiation of the means of vocational training in the organization of independent learning activities.

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  • Analysis the needs testing in language teacher training at universities in Ukraine. Examination of test quality, considering feedback from colleagues. The ideas of training teachers by using collegially plan. Review and improving self-constructed tests.

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  • Specifics and benefits of using role play in English lessons. Basic principles and characteristics of the use of role-playing games in teaching a foreign language in the classroom. Analysis of lesson plans developed in the framework of the present study.

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  • Modern requirements for students’ academic and extracurricular activities. the professional training of future music teachers. Content of comprehensive work of a school educator. The improvement of concertmaster training of future music teachers.

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  • The presentation of the pedagogical content of the concept a modern teacher as a manager of a comprehensive educational institution. The aspects of the lecturer activities. The leading ideas of his training in the contemporary market of services.

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