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Practical techniques and ideas for classroom activities. Assumptions about learning. The role of TP on a teacher training course. Feedback on lessons. Eliciting, giving instructions and setting up activities. Students working outside the classroom.

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  • Characteristics and value of education in preparing the future functioning of children in society, creation of proper interpersonal relations. The selection of key learning methods of students, the role of the teacher in the educational process.

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  • The actual problem of optimizing the training of modern personnel in the system of university education. Development of strategy and tactics, to develop the methodology for managing educational activities, ensuring a positive dynamics of its quality.

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  • Requirements for teacher to its responsibility for the implementation of training programs. The value of using teaching methods to interest students in the learning process. different teaching methods that will result in higher student achievement.

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  • The results of piloting the pilot course in the methodology of teaching foreign languages in the framework of the project "School Teacher of the New Generation". The conclusion is made about positive perception of experimental learning by students.

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  • Consideration of drama as a psychological strategy in the process of learning foreign languages. Formation of the qualities of cooperation, dedication in training. Personal qualities that are enhanced by drama and involvement in creative activities.

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  • Analysis of technologies for training teachers for adult education. The role of socio-pedagogical design in the organization of the educational process of an adult economically active population. The principle of consciousness and creative activity.

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  • The structure of postgraduate training and education of physical training teachers in foreign countries at the present stage. Cycles of educational disciplines included in the curricula of preparation of physical training teachers in institutions.

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  • Pedagogical references of project work in the past. Project work in a language classroom. The role of a teacher. IT and multimedial devices in project work. Registration and looking for a partner school. Evaluation of the questionnaire for pupils.

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  • The importance of specialization in preparing for the professional activity of teachers. An analysis of the results of a study research among future educators regarding the feasibility of holding classes on psychology, pedagogy in the teaching profession.

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  • The definition of the category of students, which can be attributed to a group with a low level of English, an analysis of the difficulties in working with them, and a description of strategies used as thoughts or actions for the successful learning.

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