Gaps in perception of oral discourse and ways of bridging them in interpreting

Special attention is drawn to the classification of gaps, which may occur due to subjective and objective factors practically at all levels of the linguistic system. The methods of identifying in the gaps in order to provide equivalent interpreting.

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  • Functional stylistics of the English language. Social influence and public opinion manipulation. Linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in the classification of functional styles. Rational cognition language and presentation of the dynamics of thinking.

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  • Analysis of the official-business style of speech. Linguistic characteristics emotional valence of written applications. The structure of the most common lexical revolutions in American media speech. Consideration of oral and written communications.

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  • Expression confrontation by certain language means, the choice of which depends on extralinguistic factors. An extralinguistic factor as the illocutive goal of the sender of speech. The choice of linguistic means. Description suggestive means.

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  • Review the definition of "discourse". Features of diplomatic discourse. Characteristics of the main types of diplomatic correspondence in English. Consideration of the main transfer transformation. Translation Analysis viewpoint of linguistic features.

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  • The theoretical foundation of studying the linguistic image of flora in modern English discourse. The space of text. The standards of textuality. Historical novel as literary genre. Verbal representation of the surrounding world by a blinded person.

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  • Neologisms as a linguistic phenomenon. Stylistic classification of the english word-stock. The status of hacker slang as a linguistic and socio-cultural phenomenon. Ways of forming a hacker slang and style hackers use in written and spoken language.

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  • Description of the peculiarities of the communication of television discourse genres. To analyze the features of the talk shows genre as a linguistic and sociocultural phenomenon that reflect the most significant values of American linguistic culture.

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  • Investigation of discourse markers’ role in Chinese Students’ English writing. The misuse and inappropriateness of discourse markers occurring to their writing. The suggestion that discourse markers should be paid some attention when we teach writing.

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  • Analysis of discourse as a speech and mental phenomenon is inextricably linked with communicative and translation aspects. Description of typological features of each individual type of institutional discourse. Confirmed by its existential nature.

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  • The main linguistic factors influencing the specificity of the responding sentences in the dialogue. Influence of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors on the creation, structure and semantics of responsive sentences in the context of dialogue speech.

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