Gaps in perception of oral discourse and ways of bridging them in interpreting

Special attention is drawn to the classification of gaps, which may occur due to subjective and objective factors practically at all levels of the linguistic system. The methods of identifying in the gaps in order to provide equivalent interpreting.

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  • The linguistic researches of the aspects of Languages for Special Purposes and systematization of their results . The issues related to effectively teaching professional languages. The glottodidattica direction of Languages for Special Purposes studies.

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  • Description of the concept of "legal translation", structure and differences of order provide the equivalent translation of the Ukrainian notarial certificates in English and Vice versa. Lexical, grammatical problems of translation of certificates.

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  • Acquaintance with psycholinguistic aspects of the process of perception of sound and color. General characteristics of the main problems of defining the features of narrative discourse. Analysis of the most important characteristics of a graphic novel.

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  • Finding the basic word order, functions of sentence. Subject-auxiliary and subject-verb inversion. Inversion and the means of its translation. Word order patterns in English sentences. Negative adverbs, important role in the history of linguistic theory.

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  • Functions of genitive case. Consideration of active classes of noun. Description of genitive case. Specification of genitive case: domain, subjective genitive case, genitive case of origin, objective case. Features of classification of genitive case.

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  • Investigation of the potential adaptation of authentic texts as a means of teaching English. The analysis of textbooks that are intended for educational purposes, but are considered artificial, because they can not provide linguistic components.

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  • The dependence of linguistic peculiarities of the realization of genre model of the dynamics of changes in the communicative needs of the discourse community. Anthropocentric paradigm in the linguistics that proclaim indissoluble unity of language.

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  • Utilization conceptual, etymological and definitional types of analysis the vision "ECONOMY". Linguistic verification in discourse this conceptual system. The structure of the meaning lexeme. Conceptualizing "economy" in the modern English world view.

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  • Analysis of competing discourses. Examples of Discourse Analysis. Discourse Analysis, Discourse Definition and Discourse Community on wise GEEK. The grammar of a specific language. Discourse domain and Discourse Markers. Functions of Discourse Markers.

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  • The main problems of untranslatability underlying translation theory. The basic subtypes of oral communication. Paying attention to the contextual and collocational nuances of the word or the phrase - one of the features of the translator's activity.

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