Gaps in perception of oral discourse and ways of bridging them in interpreting

Special attention is drawn to the classification of gaps, which may occur due to subjective and objective factors practically at all levels of the linguistic system. The methods of identifying in the gaps in order to provide equivalent interpreting.

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  • Different interpretations of translation. Disclosure of the "rephrase" and "retelling" methods. Clarification of the tasks of translational studies. Characteristic of the linguistic hermeneutics. Identify problems interpreting the translation of texts.

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  • The echo-question as a peculiar type of interrogative response-statements. Pragmatic types of echo-questions, their correlation with its ability to eliminate information gaps of various nature. Communicative effect of echo-question on the listeners.

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  • Peculiarities and Problems of oral translation. Difference between oral and written translation. Types Of Interpretation: Simultaneous interpreting (Linguistic peculiarities, Whispered interpretation), Sight language and Consecutive interpretation.

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  • A semiotic approach to the explanation of the meaning of the translation. Types of translation, classification criteria, reasons of errors. Form of speech: written translation, oral translation (interpreting), dubbing, sight and screen translation.

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  • Characteristics of state HIV/AIDS prevention system in Russia. The notion of discourse through the prism of influence mechanisms. Basis for HIV testing subjective barriers of Russian youth. Correspondence of media discourse and subjective barriers.

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  • Analysis of the use of the language on the Internet. Description of the nicknames used by Ukrainians in their own blogs. Consideration of classification methods based on linguistic features. Consider names used for identification and self-presentation.

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  • Types of translation: Classification, Syntactic changes, Machine translation, Translation and interpreting. Communicative structure of the English and Russian sentence. Sentence partitioning and integration. Handling equivalent forms and structures.

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  • Today cognitive science is especially attracted to the problem of cognitive semantics: the conceptualization of language units. The research shows that the order of attributes in a sentence depends on many factors – both linguistic and extra-linguistic.

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  • Topics on various topics to help improve their reading and speaking in English: "Harm television", "Camping - the perfect way to spend a vacation", "The role of advertising to the public", "The ban on cruel sports", "Gaps educating today's children".

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  • The algorithm of translation teaching. A record of the actions of a translator that he was taken in the translation process, the development of its creative potential. The synthesis of linguistic and translation competences and personal translation.

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