Druids and their rituals. Druids and Stonehenge. Druids - the priests of the ancient Celtic peoples organized as a closed, but not hereditary estates, also served as judges for healing, astronomy. Information about the Druids of the Greco-Roman works.

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  • Description of changes in British sculpture from the XIX century. Examples of of outstanding works by famous authors in different years. Analysis of the compositions of the memorial Gilbert. America as the centre for the production and criticism of art.

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  • The study of the history and nature of Western attitudes towards the East, their perception of Orientalism as a powerful European ideological creation. A comparison of their culture, customs and beliefs based on the works of Homer, Disraeli and Kipling.

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  • History of the first mascara ancient egyptians. The invention is first packaged mascara from a mixture of coal and petroleum jelly. Development by Helena Rubinstein water resistant mascara based turpentine. Varieties of modern mascara: waterproof, color.

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  • Studying the most important sources about runic history are ancient texts of scandinavian pagan religion. Comparing scheme of Gothic alphabet and gothic runes. Consideration different slavonic variants of scandinavian runes and anglo-saxon futark.

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  • The role of cultural Ukrainian heritage in the formation of national identity and the creation of a national state in Ukraine and in the multicultural civilization. The mission of Z. Mazurkevich as a Ukrainian architect of the Canadian diaspora.

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  • The study of the modern process of cultural and artistic integration, which is embodied at different levels of the existence of art. Description of the concept of musical art under the influence of the visual arts in the context of modern cultural space.

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  • The main focus is on fracking similar outlines found in the technique and artistic elements, which can be examined in the Sakhnivan diadem from the collection of The Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine and in the Byzantine works of arts and crafts.

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  • Works of unknown English painters and well-known one, some interesting facts about their life's. The biography of Peter Lely – the first English painter who has left "an enormous mass of work". John Flaxman. William James Linton as a great illustrator.

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  • Biographical aspects of life Leonardo da Vinci – italian painter, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer. A most famous works of the artist. Picture "The Last Supper" is on the wall of a chapel in Milan.

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  • Vincent Willem van Gogh - dutch painter and postimpressionist. A tremendous impact his artistic legacy on French painting. The artist's works in museums around the world. Still life landscape and history painting. Artistic breakthrough and final years.

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