Druids and their rituals. Druids and Stonehenge. Druids - the priests of the ancient Celtic peoples organized as a closed, but not hereditary estates, also served as judges for healing, astronomy. Information about the Druids of the Greco-Roman works.

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  • More information about cultural and political aspects of the "Rebel Without a Causes" film is a prism of historical analysis. Existential problems of the "cold war" period, as a matter of fact, especially for young people of that young American culture.

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  • Brief information about the life and work of Walt Disney - an outstanding American cartoonist. Famous and popular сartoon characters created by Disney. Disneyland Park is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.

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  • Degrees and programs offered by various library schools in the United States, their modes. Analysis of the possibility of distance learning in the best accredited programs and courses offered in different versions. The role of ALA in library education.

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  • Analysis of national dance trends in the opera works of the founders of the Polish and Czech national schools. Specific features of the dance genres of the European dance culture in the operas "Halka" by S. Moniuszko and "The Sold Bride" by B. Smetana.

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  • Gogol museum in Moscow. Hall "incarnation" keeps a lot of information about Gogol and his creative work. In scientific library and a music lounge is a held literary readings, musical evenings and lectures. Exhibition "Pages of history of the house".

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  • Analysis of the impact of culture on human evolution through the prism of energy and information aspects, allowing you to human culture as a process that controls the development of man. Learning stages of self-organization and self-development.

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  • Influence of trends of international cooperation in the field of digital libraries in developing countries. The opportunities of international cooperation for the improvement of libraries, using the integration of network and Internet technologies.

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  • The main problem of doing business internationally. General information about the population of Kazakhstan. Cultural comparisons with China. Classification of business cultures. Culture and Leader Effectiveness. Dimensions of Culture at Schwartz.

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  • Short information about the world known marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. The Aivazovsky Art Gallery in Feodosiya and a monument to Aivazovsky. The most popular paintings by Aivazovsky. The Ninth Wave painting.

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  • Description of creative activity in the screen arts of the brilliant Ukrainian poet N. Vingranovsky. List of feature films and documentaries made By H. Vingranovsky in Ukrainian film studios. Information about the unfinished film projects of the figure.

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