Druids and their rituals. Druids and Stonehenge. Druids - the priests of the ancient Celtic peoples organized as a closed, but not hereditary estates, also served as judges for healing, astronomy. Information about the Druids of the Greco-Roman works.

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  • Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci - an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. Mona Lisa as the most popular artist's picture.

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  • The short biography of J. Chan, his parents and wife. Begining of the career in small roles. First Hollywood film "Battle Creek Brawl" in 1980. The most famous works of actor. Stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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  • Stages in learning painting Peter Lely, a master work Guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem. Characteristics of the main features of the works Wollaston's. The main features of images Peter Lely's, his innovations. The process of working on sculptures Flaxman.

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  • The various aspects of the scientific works of the a prominent archaeologist of the end of XIX – beginning of XX century E. von Stern. His epigraphic, museum activities and biography. A prominent role in the leadership of the Odessa Archaeological Museum.

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  • The life and career of the director George Danelia. Directorial course George Danelia graduated, course work - a short film "Vasily Lokhankin", a diploma - the film "The same people." Major works and awards and personal life of the director.

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  • The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, is the national art gallery of Scotland. An elaborate neoclassicaledifice, it stands on The Mound, between the two sections of Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens. History. Research. Collection. Notable works.

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  • The study of poetry and dramaturgy of the Baltic minimalism and its turn to transcendence. Resistance and the concept of destruction in Lithuanian art. Definition of musical rhetoric of works by L. Makacins. Structural principle "Prayers for Lithuania".

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  • Research of the origins and evolution of drama functions of a dance in the opera, influence of dance on the common concept of the work. Reference to early examples of the opera genre, to the works of composers from Italy, Germany and England referring.

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  • Specificity of the mechanism of perception and expression in the national culture. The study of the traditions of entertainment events in the world of cultural and information spaces. Ways of realization of creative interests and needs of society.

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  • Stages of the life of the famous American multiplicator Walt Disney. The creation of television after the war. The organization at Disneyland, a magical Park for entertainment of children and their parents. Characteristics of the main animated heroes.

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