Druids and their rituals. Druids and Stonehenge. Druids - the priests of the ancient Celtic peoples organized as a closed, but not hereditary estates, also served as judges for healing, astronomy. Information about the Druids of the Greco-Roman works.

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  • Stonehenge as first and the most famous monument used for astronomical observation. Castlerigg Stone Circle as one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain. The construction and history of the Avebury complex and Rollright Stones.

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  • The article is devoted to studying the culture of information society on the basis of well-known concepts of information society development. The author argues that the doctrine of the information society, formation of the informational civilization.

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  • Folk art of ancient Russia as the basis of Russian culture. The emergence of folklore. The songs and legends, passing from father to son and is considered the cornerstone of folk art. The essence of Russian fairy tales, songs, legends, proverbs.

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  • Modern library activity as information engineering. Sorting, systematization, protection, promotion and use of information in the classical library. Introduction of modern information technologies for the formation, storage and use of library funds.

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  • Cezanne's artistic heritage of more than 800 oil paintings, watercolors and the other works. Some works of Cezanne: "Big Pine", "Mount Sainte-Victoire", "Aqueduct", "Self-portrait on a pink background", "Still Life with a Skull", "The pyramid of skulls".

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  • Semantic content of the myth of the information space of the Far East, connected with the stereotypical representation of the population. Determining the degree of comfortable life in a territory. Reconstruction the myth of the information space.

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  • The early civilizations in Iranian plateau and their beliefs, customs and culture of that period. The Zoroastrian religions of ancient Iran. Culture and beliefs of the first residents Iranian plateau. The beginning of Mithraism and Zarathushtrism.

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  • The problem of interaction, inter-influence of culture and economy. The main principles of modern economic culture. The peculiarities of economy integration into modern culture of post-industrial information society. The problem of integration processes.

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  • The Scottish wedding is a curious mix of tales of chivalry, rituals, religions. The most important season and weekday which they are chose for a marriage ceremony. At night before wedding. The three stages of significant day. A "Luckenbooth" brooch.

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  • The famous places of World Heritage Cities in Britain: Canterbury Cathedral of the Anglican community, Oxford modern university center, Stratford-upon-Avon literary and cultural center, Durham Castle and museums, Stonehenge monument, Loch Ness area.

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